I"m starting a new fanfiction, based off of Warriors, I don't really know about the basic plot, but I do know that the four main characters are based off of myself, Shriyu, and two of our friends.

I'll edit this and put in the pictures of the cats.


This is my cat. She will probably have the head title of "Maple"
She's a Somali

most of our names aren't decided yet only a few.

This is Shiryu's
Her name will most likely have the head title of "Mist"

She's a Balinese

Our friend, Nick's cat. His Warrior name will be Shadowheart

He's a Bombay, with altered red eyes

and this is our friend David's. His name isn't quite decided, but it will have the head title of "Running" as of now the most obvious choice is "Runningwind"

He's an ocicat


Nice one info, thx


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